Once King of the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamian, or the King of Uruk. Two thirds God and one third human. This world's oldest Nephilim. A beloved being to those he held dear.

Pillar 66[1]

Gilgamesh (ギルガメッシュ Girugamesshu) is the legendary King of the Sumerian city state of Uruk and the current ruler of the Underworld.[2] Gilgamesh is also a Duke of Hell.[3]


Gilgamesh has the appearance of a young adult, with light blond hair parting above his left eye (and covering his right) and reaching his shoulders. He has pale skin and blue coloured eyes, and his left ear is pierced, sporting an earring. He also has a mole underneath his left eye.

He has quite a bit of muscle definition, however not so much as to appear bulky.


Gilgamesh is arrogant and cunning, and is charismatic enough to have extensive connections in Hell[4]. He seems to have a jovial disposition, and is always seen with a smile or a smirk on his face. It is implied that he's very loyal when he starts caring for a person. He is also described as apathetic, showing no interest in things such as politics, fractional strife and power plays.[5]

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

Gilgamesh Isaac's undercover section

"Gilgamesh Ancient Sumerian king from Mesopotamia. He reigned around 2600 B.C. He was deified after death with tales of his feats. It became famous as “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, in which it is rumored he is the offspring of a king and goddess. He was initially a tyrant so God made Enkidu out of clay to give to him and the two fought in a competition. A winner was not decided and the two ended up becoming good friends, accompanying each other on travels.

In one of their various travels, Gilgamesh’s marriage proposal to the goddess Ishtar was rejected and Enkidu fell ill, leading to his death. While he gave Enkidu end-of-life care the power of his death had the same effect on Gilgamesh, it seemed like he too had died. He came to an understanding and began to fear death. And so he set out on a quest to find eternal life.

Currently he is feared as the Lord of the Dead."[6],[7]


  • Dantalion remarks that Hell would have been his (Gilgamesh's) if he so wanted.[8]


  • "Many demons misunderstand. I'm "apathetic" in being indifferent."[9]
  • "In love all is forgiven."[10]


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