Vital statistics
Type Contested
Location France, Earth
Inhabitants Humans

France, and subsequently Paris, is the centre for believers in Michael.


France is the place where faith in Michael is particularly strong, and Hell has long desired it's brake up. It's widely considered Michael's territory. [1]


A large scale massacre led by demons happened. The temporary government established when Napoleon passes away has been overthrown by the German army and the Paris Commune is standing up against it. The French are fighting against each other. [2]

The incident was orchestrated by General Behemoth, and Dantalion, Camio and Sytry were dispatched here.

With the arrival of Jeanne d'Arc and the Army of Salvation, a battle between Heaven and Hell took place. [3]

It has been established that, despite it seemingly being orchestrated by Hell, the incident was a ruse by Heaven to draw away the attention of demons from William Twining, whom Uriel was aupposed to summon to Heaven.


Mont saint michel
Normandy is one of the places Michael's Army of Salvation is stationed at.

Mont Saint-MichelEdit

Jeanne d'Arc along with a branch of Michael's army is stationed here. [4]


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