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Song Name: For Sentimental Realist

Sung by: Dantalion (CV. Terashima Takuma)

Translate by Chiri Girl

Download: Shared


底無しの孤独 ねじ曲がった魂
封じた証が 今も残る

深淵の景色は 遠く淡い記憶へと

欲しいものは ただ一つだけ お前の言葉
望み 感情 みんなくれてやる
忘れたとは言わせない 思い出せ
うなづくまでは 逃がさない

強情な your mind
その目に映った 現象がすべて
俺を受け入れろ この俺を選べ

どれほど足掻けど 傍らに闇はある
誰が 願おうと願うまいと

手段も厭わず 唯一無二のお前
狙い 忍び寄る

悟った 永遠 幻じゃない
触れても 信じないというのなら
それでいいから 命じろ

強情な your mind
その目に映った 現象がすべて
解明してやると 虚勢を張ればいい

そのまま返そう 縛った呪文

強情な your mind
通う血にならえ 常識捨て去って
俺を受け入れろ この俺を選べ

Soko nashi no kodoku neji magatta tamashii
Fuujita akashi ga ima mo nokoru

Shinen no keshiki wa tooku awai kioku e to
Iro wo kaeteyuku

Hoshii mono wa tada hitotsu dake omae no kotoba
Nozomi kanjou minna kurete yaru
Wasureta to wa iiwasenai omoidase
Unazuku made wa nigasanai

Goujou na your mind
Sono me ni utsutta genshou ga subete
Öre wo ukeirero kono ore wo erabe
Koukaisasetari shinai

Dorehodo agakedo katawara ni yami wa aru
Dare ga kangaou to negau mai to

Shudan mo itowazu yuiitsumuni no omae
Nerai shinobiyoru

Hohoemi nagara no tamatta darou
Yoku niteiru to
Satotta eien maboroshi ja nai
Furetemo shinjinai to iu no nara
Sore de ii kara meijiro

Goujou na your mind
Sono me ni utsutta genshou ga subete
Kaimei shite yaru to kyosei wo hareba ii
Hanarezu irareru nara

Sono mama kaesou shibatta jumon
"Ore no mono ni nare"

Goujou na your mind
Kayou chi ni narae joushiki sutesatte
Öre wo ukeirero kono ore wo erabe
Omae wo mamotteku kara

An infinite loneliness, a twisted soul
The evidence was sealed away even to this day

The abyssal landscape becomes a faraway, fleeting memory,
And its color is changing

Your words are the only thing that I want
Wishes, feelings, you’re giving them to everyone
I can’t say what it is that you forgot, so remember
Until you agree, you can never escape

Your stubborn mind
All of the phenomena are reflected in those eyes
Accept me, choose me
I won’t let you regret it

No matter how much you struggle, darkness will always be nearby
Someone is always thinking and praying*

The one and only you didn’t even dislike the means
Of the intentions of my creeping around

Your smiles eventually began to accumulate, didn’t they?
It really suits you
You realized that it’s not an eternal illusion
You can touch me, but even if you say you don’t believe
That’s fine, just command me

Your stubborn mind
All of the phenomena are reflected in those eyes
Try and explain, it’s fine if you put on an air of false bravado
Since I’ll never let you go

Try and return to the way it was, with that binding spell**
"Become mine"

Your stubborn mind
Learn from this blood that you ply between, throw away your common sense
Accept me, choose me
Because I’ll protect you

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