Enkidu was the best friend of Gilgamesh.

Whether he is still alive and what his race is is unknown.


Enkidu has the appearance of an ape, closely resembling a gorilla. Pale coloured fur covers his entire body save his hands, feet and face - which are darkly coloured. He appears to be several times larger than the size of an average man and has two curving horns growing from the top of his forehead.




He was Gilgamesh's friend and went on many adventures with him. [1]
Gilgamesh mentions that he died, that he was killed by this World's sole Light. [2] However, at the time Gilgamesh is telling this, Enkidu was right next to him, so he presumably became an Angel (at that time Gilgamesh was still affiliated with Heaven) or a Demon after his death - it remains unknown.

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