Empusa (エンプーサ Enpūsa) is a demon that can manipulate memories. She is also responsible for Baphomet's death, though she didn't directly kill him.


Empusa has a slight build, with very large breasts. Two horns can be seen protruding from her temples in her demon form, and her hair is lightly coloured and chin length. She seems to always wear a hat on her head. There are two batlike wings growing from her back in her demon form.


Empusa appears to be very confident, sly, and has somewhat of a seductive air to her. She appeared to hold feelings for Baphomet. She doesn't like Nephilim, thinking of them as lesser than Pure Demons, and remarking how she would never work under one.


She, like Baphomet, had been an supporter of the Second Astaroth before his death, and seemed to have also disagreed with her master appointing a Nephilim as his successor[1]. She may be working under Baalberith now.

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

Empusa Isaac's undercover section


A monster from greek mythology who works for Hecate, Goddess of the underworld, also her daughter. She is grouped with female vampires like Mormo and Lamia. She can change appearance at will, and seduces men in order to drink their lifeblood.


She has one leg of bronze or brass and one donkey leg. Said to have claw fingers, and grow bat wings. She shows sleeping men dreams while she drinks their blood. Her weakness is when she is insulted and spoken ill of, she will run away while screaming."[2]