Elliot Eden (エリオット・イーデン Eriotto īden) is a student at Stratford. He is an underclassman of William Twining and attends the same year as Isaac Morton.[1]


Elliot bears an astonishing resemblence to Michael. His hair is white and shoulder length, with bangs coming to just above his eyes. He also appears to be rather short and slender.


Not much was shown of Elliot as himself, so his personality is unknown. He appears to be a model student.


Eliiot comes from a line of reverends, dating back more than a century. That was the reason Arhangel Michael was able to take over his body and go after William Twining. When Michael's plot was foiled, he abandoned his possession and Elliot continued on with his life non the wiser, albeit with a broken arm.[2]


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