Elizabeth Dale (エリザベス・デール Erizabesu Dēru) is the daughter of the Dale family and most possibly Mycroft Swallow's fiancee.[1]


Elizabeth is a teenaged girl with long hair, which she puts up in two pigtails high on her head while leaving the hair on the back to flow freely, and has bangs cut to just above her eyebrows. She has a mild figure and wears female attire typical for Victorian England.


She seems strong willed and somewhat assertive, and likely has a taste for good looking men. Whether or not she is very romantic is unknown, but she seemed to have fallen in love with Dantalion at first sight.


Her mother is an American and she seems to hold the disdain of English high society (they are also disdainful of her because she is American).[2]

While attending a party put on by Adrian Swallow and looking for Mycroft Swallow, she is saved from a fall by Dantalion. She instantly falls in love with him (and squabbles with Lamia).[3] Elizabeth later interrupts a meeting held by Adrian Swallow/Eligos and other demon-possessed members of English high society, and faints upon noticing their shadows.[4] She is saved by William Twining.


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