Biographical Information
Kanji エリュゴス
Rōmaji Eryugosu
Also known as Eligos
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Demon; Fallen Angel
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Hell
Personal Status
Manga Pillar 15
Anime Episode 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Yū Kobayashi

Eligos is the 15th of Solomon's pillars and a marquess who commands 60 armies of Hell.


A slender female, with very long, straight hair and two horns on her head. She wears a leather outfit (dominatrix style) and hight healed leather boots, reaching above the knee.


Eligos appears rather rash, and ruthless. She professes to love Beelzebub, and is a part of his faction in Hell.


Eligos was one of Solomon's Pillars, and could often be seen in his presence.[1]. She fought for him against his brother Absalom.

She made a contract with Adrian Swallow, the price of which was the soul of his son. She also tried to take William, saying it was for the one she loved, but Dantalion pointed out that she can't do anything to William, as one of Solomon's Pillars. She went for Mycroft's soul instead, but was (nearly) exorcised by Raguel and the Hand of God.


  • According to the fan book, her weakness is reading maps.

Quotes Edit

  • (to William Twining) "The cruel master seems to have forgotten me. Then I'll make you remember. My name is Eligos. I'm a marquess, the 15th Pillar who commands 60 armies and a demon of the battlefield! But now, I serve Master Beelzebub. I'll capture you for the sake of the one I love, Elector!"[2]


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