"King David has made Jerusalem prosperous. The only sins the great king committed were stealing the wife of his faithful vassal, killing that man and fathering an Illegitimate child."[1]

David was the king of Israel and father of Solomon.


David had curly hair, possibly white with age and a thick, pale and short beard with mustache. He possessed a prominent chin and a somewhat large nose.


Not much is known. He seems to have despised and feared Solomon, rejecting him as his child, and going to as far as to say he shouldn't have been born.


David was the King of Israel, and had three children that we know of. The only sins he's said to have committed are stealing the wife of his vassal, killing him and fathering an illegitimate child. Sometime when Solomon was a young boy, he'd had him imprisoned in a tower. David seems to have feared him.

When David had grown old, his kingdom grew weakened and his son Absalom raised an army along with his trusted retainer general Joab to attack Solomon. When they were defeated, Solomon had him imprisoned in a tower, and regularly came to ask him to acknowledge him as his son. David staunchly refused. Going even as far as to say he shouldn't have been born.


  • "You are no one's child, you are a child of sin. I can see that you are being aided by demons and disgracing the kingdom! Solomon, child of sin. You will eventually destroy Israel!.You should have not been born into this world!"[2]
  • "The great David, who rose above being a shepherd, became a ruler of the Kingdom of Israel. That strong kingdom has been weakened by the Great King David's old age."[3]


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