Cerberus is a demon of Hell, and one of Solomon's 72 Pillars.


Cerberus has three lion heads with different characteristics. His left head has a scar over the right eye and a mane that is spiked back. The center head also has a scar, beginning under the right eye and sloping left as it continues up, over the bridge of his nose, but part of the mane falls over his forehead, in a way reminiscent of bangs. His right head bears no scars and has a mane that is slicked backwards.
Cerberus' body is that of a lion, with a quite long repitilian tail.


Not much was shown of Cerberus. However he does appear to have been protective of Solomon, and enjoyed his company.[1]


Cerberus was first shown attending a party in Hell, where, after being dumped right in the middle of it by Lamia, Isaac excitedly points him out to William.[2]
He is next seen in a memory from Dantalion, resting peacefully next to Solomon. When Tamar came to plead with her brother to release their father, he growled at her - angering the girl and causing her to spill Holy Water at him.[3]
After that, he appears in another memory, again peacefully enjoying Solomon's company (as the latter is starting to distance himself from his people, due to Uriel's actions), with Eligos and other demons.[4]


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