• Duke-of-arts
    Alright, so I've messaged Grace, our admin, about this as she's been busy with other projects, and she's given us an okay for admin nominations.
    Anyone who is interested, and has been active in the wiki, please do comment. I will only request admin rights for myself if absolutely no one else is interested in taking the role or adopting the wiki, or if anyone wants me to, as I feel there are many more active people who know their way around the wiki a lot better than I do (though I am willing to make the commitment if no one wants the role).
    I'll let the discussion go until the 15th before I message Grace about it again.
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  • Diyamond

    We all know William will have to pick a canditate to be the ruler of hell. But who will he choose?



    or Camio

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  • Makaiouji

    truthfully i'm probably not gonna write on here. but is my personal, mainly makai ouji blog and is my william blog!!

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