Beezlebub is the Northern Grand Duke of Hell, as well as the father of Lamia and the ex-husband of Astaroth. He nominated Camio as a candidate for the interim ruler.


Beelzebub is a very tall man, with long pale blonde hair. He doesn't seem to have any eyebrows, or they are hidden under his headgear. He has blue eyes that appear to be pupilless. Two horns curving backwards protrude from his temples and he wears a metal band around his forehead. He is also mostly seen wearing a long fur-lined coat and long robes.


He seems to be a calm and collected individual. Unlike the other two kings, he is hardly seen politically strategizing with Camio. Although Astaroth and Lamia use bug repellent and a fly swatter on him, he seems unperturbed and always asks Astaroth to marry him again.


Not much is known about him other than being a Fallen Angel, and a former Seraph. He was also married to Astaroth for a point of time before they separated. However, they had a daughter, Lamia, that for reasons unknown lives with her mother.


He appears in Leonard and Baphomet's cook off and asks Baalberith not to talk crap about shit.

According to the fan book, he owns 100 cats.