Sytry Edit

Baalberith was the one who caused Sytry to Fall from Heaven. He treats Sytry as his property, and calls him his Doll (or Puppet). He has a tendency to downgrade the demon, but has displayed some care in rare instances.

Camio Edit

Baalberith is aware that Camio is Lucifer's child, and believes that if Lucifer ever knew of this fact, Camio would be the substitute king.

Dantalion Edit

Baalberith is dismissive of Dantalion, as the later is a Nephilim, and holds some disdain for him. He actively acted against him on several occasions, and it was due to Baalberith's scheme that Dantalion's Household member Baphomet died, weakening Dantalion's standing in Hell.

Solomon Edit

Baalberith seems to be fascinated with and hate Solomon. He remarked that he was curious of him back in ancient Israel, but hates the power Solomon wields over him, since he is a Pillar.

William Twining Edit

Baalberith actively schemes to eliminate William.

Astaroth Edit

Baalberith's faction is opposed to Astaroth's in Hell, as a nephilim, Baalberith is disdainful of her. They do not get along well.

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