Baalberith (バアルベリト Baaruberito) is the leader of the Anti-Nephilim faction and the Western duke of Hell. He is also the first of Solomon's pillars. He is Sytry's uncle and the one who nominated him as a candidate for the substitute king.


Baalberith has short black hair and green eyes. He has a scar across the bridge of his nose and markings under his eyes. His outfit consists of a fur lined jacket worn over a dark shirt and a white tie along with a hat. 


As the leader of the Anti-Nephilim faction, Baalberith shows aversion towards Nephilim. He is often portrayed as cunning and calculating. He also treats his nephew, Sytry, poorly and often refers to him as a "doll" or a "puppet". Baalberith seemed to dislike Solomon and to be looking for an opportunity to go back to Heaven.


He used to be the "God of Gods" in the East (Canaan) and was called Baal Zebub until Gabriel came and they fought. She was the one that gave him the scar across his nose.[3] According to Metatron, after their fight he gave up his lands in exchange for the status of Angel, but fell to Hell shortly after.[4]

Initially, it was believed that Baalberith was the one who caused Sytry to fall from Heaven. However, it's later revealed that Sytry was abandoned by his mother (Gabriel) during the separation of Heaven and Hell, and Baalberith was the one who rescued him after his wings got burned during an attack. He then sealed his memories in order to Sytry never could remember the abandonment of his mother, although this caused Baalberith not being able to sleep in order to maintain the control over Sytry's memories.

He also made a contract with Gilles de Rais while the later was still human, and thus gained him as a Household member upon his death.

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

Baalberith isaac's undercover section


He is one of Solomon's 72 pillars. The 28th Duke of Hell that leads 26 armies. Appears in crimson armor on a red horse. It's said that his original name is that of a god that appeared in the Old Testament. As Hell's high priest he is in charge of rituals.


Famous for his deceitfulness. He can give advice about the future and the past, but who knows whether it is true or not.

Baalberith: Your life span is three more days.

Isaac: You're kidding. You certainly are deceitful.

Baalberith: That is to say, that was a lie.

Isaac: Eh?

Baalberith: That was also a lie, what I said earlier was true. That is to say, that was a lie. Actually, that too was a lie. Honestly, all I say is lies, but if that true, then what is correct?

Sytry: Uncle…

Isaac: Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?”[5]


  • He traded the Canaan lands he used to be the God of to buy the rank of an Angel, but he Fell soon after Lucifer.[6]