Astaroth (the Second) was the second individual to hold that title. He seemed like a wise and honourable ruler. He Fell into a Death Sleep following a battle, and named Sargatanas as his successor.


Astaroth had the appearance of a man in his fourties or fifties, with pale hair brushed back and bound into a thick braid that reached his lower chest when thrown over his shoulder. There were two horns coming out of his temples (reminiscent of bull horns). He had a short beard and wore a fur lined cloak worn over long robes.


He seemed like a wise individual, with a great sense of honour (refusing to go to Sleep even if it meant he would not survive a battle) and little prejudice - unlike others, he maintained the thought that Pure Demons do not have more strength than Nephilim. He also said that there will come a time when all the Four Kings will be Nephilim.[1]


Shortly before a fierce battle with Heaven, Astaroth named a nephilim as his successor - the decision a reason he had a falling out with his subordinate Baphomet. Despite needing to Sleep, he participated in the battle and did not survive it, falling into a Death Sleep afterwards. [2]


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