During her previous life as a human, Astaroth was known as Hatshepsut, the 5th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. She is regarded as having been one of the most successful Pharaohs, but ended up dying from cavities and being succeeded by the offspring of her husband and a mistress.[1]


At some point in her human life, Astaroth (then Hatshepsut) made a contract with a demon, and upon her death descended to Hell to become a Nephilim.

She either took on or was given the name Sargatanas[2], and served the Second Astaroth (whether she was part of his Household is unknown, but it is possible[3]). In the case of his death, he named her his successor.

After a fierce battle with Heaven, Astaroth the Second died (fell into a Death Sleep) and she was given his name and title, becoming Astaroth the Third, Southern Grand Duchess and one of the Four Kings[4].

However, the exact moment in History when this happened is contradicting in the manga:

• Exorcists from the Hand of God organisation mention that in 900 BC, when Solomon was still alive, Astaroth had just become the third generalissimo[5]. And Solomon himself calls her by the name "Astaroth", not "Sargatanas"[6] - indicating that at the time she became his Pillar she was already the Third Astaroth.

• In the memory of the battle in which the Second Astaroth fell, Baphomet calls Dantalion "Israel's Pillar, who Slept until the end"[7] and "the one summoned by Solomon"[8] (and in the same chapter, Mathers mentions that Dantalion Slept "close to a thousand years"[9]) with the Second Astaroth standing by his side and having mentioned naming his successor (current Astaroth) only moments prior[10]. Indicating that Solomon was long dead - and yet Astaroth had still not carried the name "Astaroth" of the title or position (at the time of his life and when she became his Pillar).

She went to meet Solomon because she was curious to what happened to one of her descendants, but never thought one of her descendants would be such a weak magician[11]. She then made a contract with Solomon and became one of his Pillars. She used to spend time with him alongside other demons and celebrated his birthday[12].

At some point, she married the Northern Grand Duke Beelzebub and had child, Lamia, with him. Their marriage also ended at an unknown time.


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