Arthur Christian was William's senior at Stratford school.


Arthur appears to have a slender build. His colour schematics weren't given, but he has short, curly hair that reaches to his ears and is parted over his right eye.


Wiliam said that Arthur has a terrible personality.[1]
He has a no-nonsense, strict attitude. He appears efficient and capable, but has little tolerance for "slow minds" and people that are of no use to him. He may also have some sadistic tendencies, as William has found out on his own skin.[2]


Arthur went to Stratford school, and later to Cambridge. After finishing his education he worked as a secretary for a member of the House of Peers[3], before coming to Stratford to work as an administrative counselor for the school. And thus, his reign of terror began.[4]
While he was still William's upperclasman, William asked to be his "Fag", seeing in him a golden opportunity to achieving his dreams, it was immediatelly clear that he was mistaken though.[5]


"Intellect. Personal connections. Those who can't contribute to our school with money. Begone! Trash that is no use to my juniors are unneeded!"[6]


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